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Plans That Scale With Business



125000 AED


187500 AED


225000 AED




Business Setup

Bank Account Opening
Tax Registration
Company Stamp
Virtual Office

Scale Up

Digital Business Card
Company Letter Head
Social Media Photos
Social Media Videos
Trademark Registration
Commercial Contract Drafting
3 Drafting
Business Consultation
Basic Website Design
Company Profile

Discover The Most Common Questions

What is the process of setting up a business?

1.  Identify the nature of your business activity
2.  Determine your company’s legal structure
3.  Register your trade name
4.  Apply for initial approval
5.  Create LSA or MOA
6.  Choose your business location
7.  Apply for additional approvals (based on your business activity)
8.  Submit all required documents
9.  Pay your fees
10. Register your company with the local chamber of commerce

Looking to estimate your costs? Use our COST CALCULATOR to get started!

What are the challenges on setting up a business?

Common pitfalls / challenges include:
- uncertainty about where to begin
- not knowing which legal structure is right for you
- not selecting the right business activity
- not knowing of the alternate options that
- may be better for you based on the activity
- failing to align your choices with the long-term needs of your business
- trying to cut corners in ways that end up being costly down the line
- not knowing of the ‘hidden costs’ that may arise later in the process

Leveraging expertise not only streamlines the process but also positions your business for success right from the start.

Why Choose PlanMyFirm?

Expert Guidance Through Complex Choices: 

Navigating through over 60 jurisdictions in Dubai can be overwhelming. Our expertise ensures you select the most suitable location and the correct license for your business activity, avoiding the uncertainty and risk of making an incorrect choice.

Efficient Handling of Bureaucratic Hurdles: 

Dealing with authorities and government agencies is time-consuming and costly. We streamline the process, saving you time and money by leveraging our established relationships and knowledge of local regulations.

Simplified Paperwork Process: 

The extensive paperwork involved in setting up a business in Dubai is managed efficiently by our team. We handle application forms, legal documents, and bank requirements, making the process hassle-free for you.

Time and Cost Efficiency: 

While it may seem effective to handle the setup yourself, the time and effort required can significantly impact your business. We offer a balanced approach, allowing you to focus on your business growth while we take care of the setup process efficiently and cost-effectively.

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